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October is a Cheap Time to Plan a Wedding

It’s October now, which means that the main wedding season is over. Most people prefer to get married on a warm spring or summer day rather than deal with the cold, wind, and rain. But there is one great thing about this time of year for weddings. It is one of the cheapest times to plan a wedding because the demand is low!

If you plan on choosing many of your own elements for a wedding, October is the best time to shop because of all the deep discounts you can find. You can get cheaper place settings, invitations, and even dresses. These purchases don’t go bad. You could buy them at a cheap time and then hold them for a few months until your wedding date.

Speaking of wedding dates, this is also an excellent time to negotiate with wedding venues and wedding planners. Now that the busy time is over, they’ll be looking to reserve spots for next year’s calendar. Planning now for a spring or summer wedding later means you’ll have a better pick of dates and venues, and potentially a better deal as well.

If you’re planning a wedding, now is the time to start talking with a planner. Contact Geri Sims at Atlanta Wedding Decor to see how she can turn your wedding into something extraordinary.


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