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Nontraditional Wedding Looks

Today, nontraditional approaches to weddings and wedding attire are definitely becoming more popular with brides.  For 27-year-old gallery space co-owner and fashion lover, Andie Potamkin Blackmore, creativity and breaking the mold in terms of tradition is what she is all about.  So it came as no surprise to anyone who knows her that she wanted her wedding dress to be different from what’s expected.

When Andie and Jordan Blackmore married last November she opted for a tiny bra top with a skirt she had a designer make using loose tubes of chiffon in a gradient that went from creamy white to peach and blush with touches of gold and a train. Andie’s footwear for her big day were cowboy boots that tied her attire to the beautiful Utah desert resort setting that they chose to host the wedding.

Many brides are choosing for a look that shows off their bodies, having a little midriff showing with a two-piece gown is a trend that Jane Keltner de Valle, Glamour’s fashion news director has taken notice of.   She says that most brides are in top shape, working out all of the time ahead of their wedding day. “A lot of brides feel like they want to show off those hard-earned abs.”

This trend is not a new one. The bare midriff -look has been popular with Indian brides who opt for a wedding lengha instead of a wedding sari and wedding gown designer, Vera Wang has also designed gowns for brides who want to show off a bare section of skin and will feel good about it.

Even though there is a marked trend toward more untraditional looks for wedding attire, the traditional type of wedding gown will probably still retain top billing.  “I think anyone can wear it if she feels confident, but I do say that it’s very important

There are more nontraditional wedding looks to find out at ArkansasOnline.com.

No matter what you want your wedding look to be, traditional, ethnic or something completely different, Atlanta Wedding Décor can make your special day as unique as you are – and that is exactly the way it should be!

Geri Sims has been a leading designer planning weddings and other events by using dramatic fabric draping, lighting and all of the accessories to make your event special.  No matter what your taste or your budget, contact Geri to go over your wedding plans today.  You can contact her to schedule an appointment at 404-558-1300.


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