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More Tips to Save on your Wedding

Many couples who are thinking about getting married get a little bit of sticker shock when they start to put together their wedding plans. The cost of getting married can be incredibly expensive and some sources, such as CNN, estimate that the average cost of getting married is around $30,000! That kind of money could go a long way toward other expenses as they get their lives together established.

Here are some tips that can help save you a bundle as you plan your wedding. Some of these places you can get things quite appropriate for your wedding at a fraction of the cost you would have to pay to a wedding specialty retailer.

  1. Check out the dollar store

It’s amazing what you can find at your local dollar store. You can usually find great deals on votive and taper style candles. Some dollar store chains such as Dollar Tree, for example, will carry things specifically made for weddings such as napkins, streamers, wedding guest books, as well as decorative items for your wedding theme.

  1. Thrift & consignment stores sometimes have hidden gems

Often people who have gotten married decide to donate wedding arbors, decorations and other items to thrift stores, or offer them for sale on consignment. Again, there are major finds that are hidden in the aisles, and if you are in the right place at the right time, or simply if you check often, you can score a major coup that can save you a bundle.

  1. Go to your local home improvement store, garden center or find a handy friend or relative

Garden arbors, gazebos, and other features are easily found at home improvement stores, or garden centers. Some of these are premade and can easily be assembled from a kit. If you have a handy relative, maybe they can help you put together something that looks awesome and yet costs so much less. That can also save you money in putting together your special day.

Ashley Marcin with the Christian Science Monitor has even more ideas to help you save money on putting together your wedding plans. Check them out here.

If you’ve got big plans for your wedding and are on a budget, it may be time to get creative. Geri Sims Atlanta Wedding Decor can help you put together a spectacular wedding even if you have to work within a budget. Geri Simms specializes in wedding and event drapery that can turn your wedding into a fantasy of your making. Contact Geri today to schedule an appointment and let us help you explore the many different kinds of options and ideas for your wedding that can fit within your budget.


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