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Millennials Changing The Wedding Industry

Everything we thought we once knew about getting married has been given a complete overhaul in recent years. Ina recent article that appeared in the Huffington Post, the charge toward a complete rethink about what it means to get married is being led by millennials

What some may see as a complete disruption and overturning of long-held traditions has created an entirely new approach and several niche markets in the process.  According to the article’s author, Rebecca Smythe, much of what is being discarded is the assumption that marriage is somehow a final destination.  For younger couples, it’s just one of many stops along the road of life. Another thing that has been left by the side of the road is assumptions about gender role for either partner, regardless of gender.

Today’s marriage involves a much more cohesive and shared idea of partnership.  Rather than the wedding planning falling all on one partner or the other, planning everything from engagements to honeymoons is shared.

Focus on Uniqueness

Often blamed for being overly coddled as children, one thing that millennials have right is their understanding of what it means to be unique individuals. One size or taste doesn’t necessarily fit all and so they are making it a point to design aspects of their upcoming nuptials by designing their own rings for example. Because these young people have spent their lives online, according to Nikolay Piriankov, CEO of online jeweler Taylor and Hart, custom jewelry designers, it simply makes sense that they would plan their weddings online as well. They can find what they want online because they have more freedom to come up with a design that is just perfect for who they are.

Millennials are also likely waiting longer to get married. Some of this is attributed to wanting to establish their careers and to ensure that everything comes together at a time that is best for them. They also want to have significant input on their weddings and are often opting for more of a DIY approach both as a way to cut down costs significantly and to further emphasize their own uniqueness by creating their ideal themselves rather than just buying it.  That means that they will incorporate more craft or DIY items that they find on websites such as Pinterest.  They are completely happy with going to a custom jewelry maker for something completely unique and individual, even if getting it into their hands takes longer.

Some traditionalists may make the assumption that millennials no longer value the ideas surrounding marriage or that they are just doing things differently for the sake of being different. Perhaps closer to the truth is that this generation of young people values their goals and careers and knows that it’s important to take more time and consideration on the things in life that matter. Because of this, partners tend to make decisions for the long term and how their choices will affect their lives over the long haul.

No matter what generation you are from, you want your wedding to reflect who you and your partner are as individuals. Whether you want a traditional or ethnic wedding, or something completely different than anything you’ve seen before, Geri Sims at Atlanta Wedding Décor can help you turn your dream into a reality.

Geri is a leading designer for wedding and event planning, creating one-of-a-kind venues by using sheer fabric, lighting and other accessories. Give Geri a call today to go over your wedding plans. Call (404) 58-1300 to schedule an appointment.



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