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Married at a Rock Climbing Gym!

Some brides like to go with convention and have a traditional wedding with all the trimmings, that idea, however did not appeal at all for Zoe Reiches and her husband-to-be, Stephond Goler.

For them there was no church, no pre-written vows and no white wedding dress either. Zoe and Stephond decided to do things their own way ad tie their lives together in the unusual setting of a rock climbing gym.

Not wanting to have their nuptials in a religious setting, the couple decided that because they enjoy rock climbing together as a sport and their choice reflected the core of who they are as people and as a couple.

“There’s a lot of great partner work in climbing,” Zoe says

The two decided that a rock-climbing gym would be the perfect setting, even if there were a few challenges with such a choice. Zoe and Stephond looked at a few different climbing gyms before settling on Central Rock Gym in Watertown, Massachusetts.

Central Rock Gym has hosted events in the past, but nothing quite like this. After the ceremony, wedding guests wanted to be able to eat, drink and dance. In order to make that happen, however, some special modifications had to be made.

The largest challenge for the couple’s chosen event-site was trying to make it so that guests could dance. Because the floor is soft and squishy in order to prevent injuries, special pieces had to be ordered from the manufacturer and put together with hand tools.

There was nothing ordinary about the ceremony either. The bride walked down the aisle to Europe’s “The Final Countdown” wearing a wedding gown reminiscent of the Queen of Hearts, while Stephond, a rapper and performer rapped his wedding vows to Zoe.

Wedding guests were asked to wear casual cocktail attire and given the option of a costume change if by chance they wanted to try their hand at climbing.

Zoe and Stephond even went unconventional when it came to their honeymoon as well. The two planned to take a trip to Ghana in order help build a school. Previously Zoe had lived in the country for a year working in an orphanage and studying in that country while she was still in high school. She has since returned several times.

Zoe’s enthusiasm about Ghana was infections and so the two have opted to go there to give back. They’ve even launched a Go Fund Me campaign in an effort to raise money for the cost of the trip and for the building materials and wages of the workers there in Ghana. So far, they have realized more than half of their fundraising goal.

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