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Make your Indian Wedding Stand Out!

Every bride wants her wedding to be a stand-out event that is different from the usual boring fare. Adding a unique flair to your wedding soiree can be as simple as viewing your wedding traditions in a new way and give your guests something to talk about after the baraat.

Don’t let your wedding invitations be just like any other wedding invitation your guests might receive in the mail. If many of your guests live abroad, why not make your wedding invitations look like an airline boarding pass or a passport? Telling your story on the invitation, such as how you met, your shared interests and special interests can make your invitations unique and fun. You can carry the transportation theme into your baraat decor as well. On the invitation, you can make your reception date and time the ‘Boarding’ part of the invitation or pass and the Departure being the actual wedding date and time itself. The destination can be the location of your wedding.

One bride wanted her wedding to be as far from the typical mundane fare as possible and got all of her guests talking when she and her bridal party danced all the way to the mandap!

Hiring a DJ on a truck to play alongside the baraat is a hot trend in Indian weddings. The groom’s party will sometimes arrive on red painted scooters or even in a retro, 50’s style car decked with flowers and streamers. Guests are armed with flower petals and colorful cultural cutouts to make the procession just that much more vibrant and memorable. Make your baraat a riot of color, sound and spectacle that everyone wants to be a part of!

Also make use of signage. Chalkboard signage as well as bright colorful signs embellished with messages and symbols are a great addition to a traditional wedding. Messages to guests such as, “We are two families who have decided to become one. Choose a seat, not a side,” or “Happily Ever After Starts Here,” is both popular and fun.

Having a photobooth at the reception can also be entertaining for your guests. Include costume accessories such as wigs, large sunglasses, bulbous clown noses or fake mustaches as well as backdrops of beaches or cityscapes or scenery for guests to play with and capture wedding memories on film.

Having a village theme that is nostalgic can be stunning in a simple way. Why not use Indian umbrellas or surround the mandap area with divans, traditional charpoys strewn with pillows and traditional poufs, all surrounded by dramatic yet sheer draped fabrics can create a jaw-dropping effect for your wedding. You can make simple, elegant table centerpieces by using chai cut glasses or small cutting bowls filled with flowers, or place markers featuring little gold-painted elephants that hold cards marked with auspicious phrases and symbolism.

When planning your wedding, call Geri Simms at Atlanta Wedding Décor. We specialize in wedding drapery that can turn your traditional Indian wedding into an event to remember. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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