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Macrame at your Wedding may be a new Trend

During the early to mid-1970’s, macramé was all the rage. It seemed every home and college dorm at the time was bedecked in some sort of knotted item, whether it was a few plant hangers, a wall hanging, curtains or a room divider.  People wore macramé necklaces, purses, vests and even macramé bikinis.

Through the following decades, macramé and other types of knotted handicrafts fell out of favor.  They were taken down, hauled to the curb or left to gather dust as being relics of the past. Many of these handmade projects ended up discarded in thrift stores and rummage sales.

Now, however, because of the popularity of the BoHo look, macramé is enjoying a new renaissance.  Top designers such as Ralph Lauren are making use of macramé once more. The look has become so popular that it has even found its way into today’s modern wedding décor.

In a recent interview with Herald & Review, weaver and fiber artist, Mandy Morrison, says, “People like the BoHo look, with lots of plants and things. I think that’s why it’s popular right now.”

Morrison’s own mother used to do macramé in the 70’s. Later as a fiber artist, she networked through social media to other artists who were also making use of macramé and knotting in their own art projects.  She made use of vintage macramé how-to books on the subject as well as YouTube videos online in order to expand her repertoire.  Now through her store, Evolve, located in Tacoma, Washington and in other shops in the area, she is able to see her large-scale work featured.  Morrison just recently completed an installation for Ralph Lauren that transforms a ceiling into a multi-textured upside-down forest.  Morrison says that she used to try to plan her projects, now she just goes ahead and lets her projects take shape on their own.

Morrison is just one of many fiber and macramé artists that have been enjoying the resurgence of macramé in a variety of home décor and personal items. Today, there are scores of macramé artists on Etsy and other online craft sites that are selling macramé creations.   These items are not inexpensive and can cost thousands of dollars for custom pieces.  If a custom made macramé wedding arch is a bit out of your wedding budget, there are even companies, such as Eden Eve in Australia, which will hire out large-scale macramé pieces for weddings and other occasions.

Your wedding and reception should reflect your tastes and who you both are as individuals.  No matter what theme or look you want to create, a wedding planner can help you organize your ideas in a way that makes things much easier, and that can help you during a time that can seem so very hectic.

Whether you want a traditional, BoHo, ethnic or a completely different kind of event, Geri Sims of Atlanta Wedding Décor can help.  Geri has more than 20 years of experience to help you create the perfect wedding, wedding reception or other special event into exactly the way you want.

Contact Geri to schedule an appointment today.  She will be happy to go over all of the details with you.  By using event up lighting, drapery and props she can help you put together your perfect wedding look. Call Atlanta Wedding Décor today at (404) 558-1300.



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