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Latest Wedding Trends

Did you know that nearly one third of all engagements happen between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day? According to online wedding planning site, Wedding Wire, what most of us think of as the holiday season ends up also being one of the most popular times for getting engaged.

The next big step after you or someone you love is deciding to tie the knot is to know some of the hottest wedding trends so that you can plan your wedding your way.

Every couple wants the celebration of their union to be a stand-out, one-of-a-kind event. Casual elegance is the order of the day and many couples are opting for that vintage chic look of bygone days. Unlike the stuffy weddings of yesteryear, however, there is more casual and familiar warmth to go along with timeless style.

Today’s brides are going back to old issues of Vogue and other fashion magazines in an effort to capture a sense of sophisticated style and glamour that also has a relaxed feel to it. Wedding planners are seeing couples’ tastes leaning back toward making use of vintage table linens and place settings with vintage glassware such as champagne coupes rather than flutes. All of these things are eclectically gathered together, accented with loose, informal floral arrangements on long farm tables draped in simple muslin fabric or vintage crocheted table cloths. When it’s all set up under ancient oaks or underneath a canopy aglow with light, the effect is the stuff of dreams.

Since more and more of our daily lives online, many brides are doing most of the research themselves by visiting website and blogs and shopping the vendors directly. With websites such as Pinterest, for example, there are plenty of ideas to be had. When a bride has her own sense of style and knows what she wants, the online resources can really help pull it all together.

The look today is creative and comfortable. The overall ambiance is one of being invited to someone’s home or private garden that is festive and fun. Photo booths, props and a small group of acoustic musicians or a mobile DJ can give guests the feel of a family gathered for a special celebration that everyone can be a part of.

Today’s grooms tend to want a more vintage look by going with a tailored look that is slimming and in colors such as navy, tan, or midnight blue as an alternative to more formal black tuxedos or the pastel colored rental tuxes of the past. A few quirky and personal additions such as a unique tie, for example, allows every member of the groom’s party to customize his look on the wedding day.

Brides are now more drawn to gowns that are a bit more versatile and not necessarily just white. A slightly blush colored, raped sheath or a dress that has little to no poufs or pleats with just little bit of beading is ideal. All that is required to style the hair could be a simple chignon or braiding with flowers to accent.

Whatever style you want to create when planning your wedding, call the wedding expert, Geri Simms at Atlanta Wedding Décor. We know you have got ideas and dreams about how you want your special day to be. We specialize in wedding and event drapery and can help you create a wedding that is truly like no other. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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