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Las Vegas Marriages in Deep Decline

The most stereotypical city to get married at is Las Vegas, but the number of people getting quick marriages in that city are going down. That has the local tourism board worried. The number of marriages there has declined over the past decade by 37% and has made Las Vegas lose about a billion dollars a year.

People like to get married there for two reasons. First, it’s very quick to get a marriage there, so a snap decision to marry based on a bet or by drunkenness is easy to meet. Second, the innumerable types of themed weddings from the classic Elvis wedding to a special chapel made in the image of the chapel in The Hangover movie.

Speaking of The Hangover, that movie is partially to blame for the decline because it shows the negative consequences of quick marriages. Another reason blamed is the financial crisis of 2008. The recovery hasn’t sprung back far enough to make people want to take a quick trip to Vegas just to get married. A third factor is other locations actively promoting themselves as a marriage destination.

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