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Keeping a Casual Wedding

More of today’s couples are seeking to leave behind the more traditional and some would say “stuffy” ways of celebrating their wedding.

Ultimately it’s up to then to decide whether they want something super traditional with a black-tie reception and a guest list of hundreds, or something laid back at home, in a park or to simply get away from everyone and elope.

What is considered casual really depends a great deal on where a couple decides to get married. Locations in the country can definitely be considered casual because of the outdoorsy atmosphere that is inherent in the mountain setting. Other casual locales may be the beach, the backyard of a parent’s or grandparent’s home, or the family farm in a meadow or even a barn outfitted especially for the occasion.

When planning your casual wedding, be sure to give suggestions to your guests as to what to expect so they can be dressed appropriately. Who wants to be either overdressed or underdressed for such an important event? Let them know on the invitation by suggesting whether jackets and ties will be required or are optional. If it’s a picnic type of event, let them know that, too.

Everything from the bridal gown to the décor to the type and style of the meal to the invitations that are mailed out can communicate just how formal or casual your wedding will be.

The reception activities can be casual. Setting up lawn games such as volleyball or croquet or having a bluegrass or folk band to play instead of a more formal wedding band can lend to a more relaxed air.  Foods can be a barbeque, a taco bar or a bonfire or tables of potluck dishes or finger foods on the side. Drinks can be chilled in galvanized steel washtubs or watering troughs filled with ice and cold drinks.  More adult drinks can be set up where guests can serve themselves.

Getting married is a big step and a huge milestone in the lives of couples and their families. No matter how casual you want your wedding to be, you will be the one to set the tone for the day and for the family and friends you share it with.  Why not discuss your wedding plans with Geri Sims of Atlanta Wedding Décor today? Geri has been planning weddings and events in the area for more than 20 years. She can help you, too.

Contact Geri today at 404-558-1300 to schedule an appointment. Through the use of dramatic fabric draping uplighting and accessories, Geri can help you put together a unique event to fit your taste and budget. Contact her today.


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