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Instead of Flowers, Why Not Succulents?

Many brides planning their weddings are starting to turn toward the more sustainable choice of using succulents in their bouquets and floral arrangements.

These plants are considered to be versatile and a natural choice for bouquets for a bride and her party as well as for the boutonnieres for the groom, arrangements for flower children, reception centerpieces and even as take-home favors for wedding guests.

According to New York Wedding Planner, Viva Max Kaley, “Succulents add a modern look. Instead of pretty petals, it’s a cool geometric use of lines. My clients tend to gravitate toward that aesthetic, so it’s been a really popular choice.”

Brides in more arid climates such as Arizona, New Mexico and California have been incorporating succulents into their wedding decor for a long time. Their increase in popularity are mainly due to social media sites such as Instagram and Pinterest that are great for showing those planning a wedding just what is possible and how versatile succulents truly are.

For brides who are budget conscious will love how these plants can be a much more affordable choice than traditional wedding arrangements such as roses, orchids and peonies, for example. Florists who specialize in wedding arrangements do recommend using a blend of both succulents and traditional flowers, however. One reason is the very nature of succulents is to be more fleshy and thick and for some species, that can add both bulk and extra weight. Pairing the dusty green colors of many succulents with lilies, orchids, roses and tuber flowers can create a stunning effect.

Grooms and their parties can also appreciate the more “masculine” look of succulents as boutonnieres according to wedding planner, Anastasia Stevenson.

Most succulents are especially sturdy and will have no problem with an entire day of being pinned to a jacket or used as a corsage. Succulents also lend themselves to being incorporated into hairstyles or being made into jewelry such as rings, bracelets and necklaces to accent wedding attire with a bit of glue and floral wire.

Afterward, many of these wedding bouquets and accoutrements can be planted and enjoyed long after the ceremony and celebrations are over. Having a table filled with succulents for guests to take home can fit in either a rustic or sophisticated wedding setting.

Setting the scene for your wedding takes careful planning and consideration on every level. It’s not surprising that many brides take months, or even years to get things just right. When choosing your wedding decor, it’s good to have a professional who has experience in the business of event creation.

Call Geri Simms at Atlanta Wedding Décor to discuss your wedding plans. We specialize in wedding drapery and event planning that is truly unique and memorable. Contact us today and let us help you plan for your special event.


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