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Indian Fashions Revealed for the Season

When it comes to fashion, there is much to consider when it comes to wedding couture. From a dress for the event itself, to garb for the other events surrounding the big day, a bride has multiple decisions to make. During wedding season, many designers host fashion shows to showcase their designs for every fashion-forward bride to consider.

At the recent Gionee India Beach Fashion week, designers put forth their visions of what brides, grooms, and their respective entourages should be wearing this season. With each wedding having 3-4 events, each needing a different dress, and each dress needing to be a hit, many brides and their families and wedding planners turn their gaze to see what these designers have envisioned.

Arzan Shad designed a collection of dresses that ranged from soft beiges and pastels to striking shades of red. He also included in his pastel collection shades of soft blue. Another designer, Mayyur R Giotra Couture, broke the mould this season by including a poncho. This designer even gave grooms a makeover by including bright jackets and matching footwear.

However, just because you’re trying to be fashion forward doesn’t mean that you can exclude tradition entirely. Mayyur R Giotra Couture also offered fashions in the traditional color palette as well. Black may be a no-go in traditional Indian weddings, but for related events like cocktails and sangeets, black is an acceptable statement.

Other designers included in the show were Ridhi Arora and Riddhi Majitha, who used traditional color palettes and embroidery, but included their own take on style appropriate for a wedding.

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