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Huge State Fair Wedding Reception Delights Hundreds of Guests

Country fair or carnival-themed weddings are popular throughout the country. This particular theme is both less expensive and definitely easy to recreate. However, one Texas newlywed couple took their state fair themed wedding to a whole new level when they put on a shindig that was just as big as the state itself!

In a recent article featured in the Huffington Post, Evan and Melissa Tate thought the best place to host the wedding reception to remember was at the 700-acre cattle ranch owned by the groom’s family. The reception had its own website and its own social media hashtag, #TateFairOfTexas.

“I have always loved the State Fair of Texas and dreamed of it somehow tying into my wedding day,” Melissa told reporters.

Both Evan and Melissa had a real love for the Texas State fair and the feeling behind it and they wanted to incorporate that feeling for themselves and their guests. With approximately 700 people in attendance, they were free to wander the family ‘fairgrounds’.

The grounds featured horse trailers transformed into concession stands for bloody Marys and biscuits, corndogs on a stick, buckets of flavored popcorn to munch on, ring toss games, livestock exhibits, a shed that was transformed into an arts and crafts exhibit hall and a Ferris wheel that towered above all of the nuptial festivities. The overall the feeling for this post-nuptial party was both festive and fun.

Weddings at the ranch are not something that the Tate family is unfamiliar with. The Tates had begun hosting weddings a couple of years ago, so both the bride and groom wanted to have their special day there, too. “I didn’t want to lose the connection to the state fair ― so we just brought it here.” The bride said. 

Before the big celebratory event, Evan and Melissa took their vows in an intimate ceremony that was held outside the ranch house where Evan spent his youth.  There were only fifty or so people in attendance. They knew that such an intimate scene would not be possible with the sheer size that they were planning for the reception.

The festivities began with a brunch after the ceremonies and continued on into the night. The celebration culminated in an awe-inspiring fireworks display that exploded over the glittering lights of their homemade midway and dancing well into the night.

Nearly everyone enjoys the fun and excitement of a state our county fair. There are so many ways to incorporate this theme into your own wedding reception. Why not print your save the date or RSVP cards on oversized admission tickets? There are so many ways to involve your friends and family in the planning of your reception. You can get them to help by making homemade treats and décor.  Having a fair theme may just be the perfect way to do for them to feel a part of your wedding day celebration!

Whatever you want your wedding, wedding reception, or other special event to be, having a professional wedding and event planner can help. Geri Sims of Atlanta Wedding Décor has been helping people plan their special events for more than 20 years and she can help you, too!

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