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How to Build your Seating Chart

One of the most frustrating parts of a wedding is to decide where everyone is going to sit. Seating the wrong people next to each other can lead to an ugly reception scene, but even if there isn’t an argument there are subtle things you can do make everyone’s experience of your wedding that much better. Here are a few of the tips from the article.

First, about general tables. Sometimes people think it’s a good idea to have a singles table with the hope that the occasion may inspire a date. Often it just embarrasses people instead and it’s rather gauche to hunt for a date at a wedding anyway. One table you should set aside is a children’s table so the adults can mingle and the children can feel like they have a place of their own.

When seating people together, don’t put together people who have a negative past. The wedding atmosphere is not going to generate a reconciliation. At the same time, you should avoid snubbing friends just because you invited someone else who had a grudge with one of your friends in the past. Remember that people are coming to your wedding to honor your union. Don’t give them something that will distract them from that purpose.

People may decide to switch seats after assignment. It would be more polite if they stayed in their assigned seat, but you can’t control your guest’s behavior. That being said, your seating coordinator should have a detailed list of where everyone will be seated so they can politely urge people to move if a guest’s seat is taken.

For more hints on how to design your wedding seating chart, read the full article at KTUU. And if you need help coordinating your wedding décor, contact Atlanta Wedding Decor through our contact page.


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