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How do you Balance Family Needs in your Wedding?

We have a popular idea in this country that our weddings are our days, but many brides are surprised when the two families decide they have their own ideas about how your big day should go. Sometimes the traditions they want to keep can rub modern women the wrong way. Still, your wedding is just one day and you’ll have your family for life. So how can you keep them happy while still being true to yourself?

Here are some helpful suggestions from the Journal Gazette. First, if your family is pushing for a religious or ethnic wedding and you don’t want one, take a look at the meanings behind some of the symbols. You may find some parts of it that you can agree with or might even like. While it may not please the true traditionalists, it can extend an olive branch in their direction.

Perhaps you’ve been gifted some heirlooms like an old dress or wedding ring that you don’t really want to wear? Perhaps you can incorporate pieces of it into your own dress to make it your own. One example from the article is of a bride who pinned a pendant from an heirloom necklace into her dress rather than wear it.

For the full list of tips, click on the link to view the original article.

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