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Helping your Guests have Fun at your Wedding

Once the ceremony is over, guests and the wedding party usually head for the reception. However, there can be a bit of down time between guests arrive at a reception venue and when the wedding party arrives on the scene. Why not fill up some of the time with some fun ideas that keep guests entertained and their minds off the time.

Games:  There are all kinds of games for your guests to play. You can have game cards printed off such as wedding bingo, “I Spy”; offer various board games such as checkers, chess, Sorry, or other favorites.  You can even have a scavenger hunt for guests to get to know each other.

Yard Games: If you are planning an outdoor wedding reception, there are scores of yard games to amuse your guests with.   Along with traditional games such as croquet, bocce ball, horseshoes, volleyball, consider building yard sized Yahtzee, bowling, beanbag tosses or ring tosses for kids of all ages.

A Twist on the Guestbook: Rather than having guests sign in a book with the kitschy ballpoint pen emblazoned with a feather, why not set up a table with an old-fashioned typewriter and note paper for guests to give advice or best wishes for the newlyweds?  You can also have guests sign a bottle of wine with best wishes to be opened on their first wedding anniversary.

Selfie Mania – Today, almost everyone has a phone equipped with a camera. Consider having a contest of who has the best wedding reception selfies.  These can be posted to social media and marked with hashtags to share on the Internet.

One way to make it all come together is by working with a wedding planner.  It doesn’t matter if you want a traditional, ethnic or a completely different kind of event, Geri Sims can help.  Geri has the years of experience to help you create the kind of wedding, wedding reception or any other type of special event.

Contact Geri Simms of Atlanta Wedding Décor to schedule an appointment today.  By using event up lighting, drapery and props, Geri can help you create exactly what you want for your event. Call Atlanta Wedding Décor today at (404) 558-1300.



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