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Giving Back is a True Blog

Who is Geri Sims?
Geri Sims is in the event industry specializing in fabric… meaning I take a ballroom, tent or venue and transform it with fabric and props. I made a choice a few years ago to specialize in drape and ceiling design. The worse a room looks, the better I create.
Give me an empty warehouse and I will make your event come to life.

Why should you read my BLOGS?
I have 25 plus years in the event industry and a degree from The Ringling School of Art & Design in Sarasota, Florida. Ringling was a unique school requiring it’s students to learn and be creative in all medias… sculpting, photography, graphics, drawing and painting, art history, etc… With this experience I then moved to North Miami where I worked in the private country clubs create events. This is where I had to start being create. At that time the industry was not so easy and we had to build our own props. Also, keep in mind I grew up in a very moderate family with a lot of love. My mother was very creative and taught me the basics of sewing, crafts and how to make something out of nothing as they say. If you are still following me then you must agree that most of us in the 1970’s grew up the same.

What will she discuss?
Most of my topics will consist of…
– tricks of the trade
– teaching brides/clients just how the wedding/event industry can work to their advantage
– how to find those hard to find products in the event industry
– ideas…ideas…ideas
just to start.
I will try my best to answer those questions you may have and educate you the best I can. I would hope that you could share your thoughts as well. I do not want this to be a waste of time but a learning experience.


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