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Give your Wedding the Theme of Wine

What in the world could be more romantic than to hold your wedding in a beautiful vineyard or other natural setting? Wine-themed weddings are becoming extremely popular with new brides. Eating and drinking and toasting with guests among the vines or in the shadow of a favorite winery seem only natural.

For brides that are considering holding their wedding or reception at their favorite winery or vineyard, why not incorporate wine accessories and wine-themed details into your celebration? One idea might be to create an escort card display that features the escort cards on trays festooned with bunches of grapes or set inside card holders made from wine corks. Or you might choose to attach escort or place cards to the stems of wine goblets at each table.

Here are some more ideas for a wine-themed wedding that you can raise a toast to.

Wine Corks

To craft the escort card holders from corks as mentioned above, you can begin to collect wine corks. To make the placeholder, simply use an X-acto knife to cut a slit lengthwise along one side. The card can be placed inside the slit. Or you could cut the slit along the bottom of the cork, stained-side up for a subtle ombré effect. Alphabetize the cards so that guest can find their table and mingle with ease. Wine corks can also be incorporated into personal keepsakes such as keyrings very easily.

Wine Bottles

Wine bottles can be used as an escort card display. Remove the original labels and then print out new ones with seating information printed onto new adhesive labels.  These labels are easily obtained and inexpensive. They can easily be dressed up with clip art and creative fonts and then printed on your own home printer to make them truly unique.


No wine-themed wedding or gathering would be complete without trays or cutting boards of cheeses arranged beautifully. You can also use hard cheeses such as Gouda or cheddar arranged on butcher blocks to hold escort cards in place. Guests can find their table along with a delicious bite to go along with their glass of wine.

Other Tools of the Vintner’s Trade

There are many “accessories” used by vineyards and wineries that can be used as props for a wine-themed wedding. Here are some ideas:

  •  For tabletop bouquets, consider staining wine crates and filling them with blooms to display on tables or strategically around the room.
  • An antique wine press can be converted into a cooler and filled to near overflowing with ice in order to chill bottles of wine or champagne.
  • Champagne turning racks can serve as clever holders for escort cards or a unique display.
  • Wine barrels can hold large bouquets of flowers to add fresh greenery and blooms to the décor.

Creating a wedding around a particular theme means pulling all of the elements together in a masterful way. Geri Sims has been helping couples create the perfect wedding for themselves for more than 20 years. No matter what kind of wedding you have in mind, Geri can help you turn your dreams into a reality. Call her today at 404-558-1300 to schedule an appointment.


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