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A Fun Zombie Wedding

What better day than on All Hallows Eve would a couple having a zombie-themed wedding choose?

For April Wheat and Benjamin Moore, Halloween will be their wedding day.  Their reason for choosing it? April loves all things Halloween and it’s the couple’s mutual enthusiasm for horror movies and their love of the television series, “The Walking Dead” that made this holiday better than any other.

April and Benjamin have waited for almost an astonishing two decades in order to tie the knot. They started out as high school sweethearts, weathered being separated by the miles when April’s family moved away. Through the years, Benjamin was in the Navy and April was married and then divorced. After reconnecting once again in Rapid City, and when Benjamin proposed in January, everything just seemed to come together.

For her big day, the bride has opted to carry a bouquet of black and red flowers wrapped around the handle of a plastic handgun. Amy Davis, a friend who with a background in theater costuming, insists that being in character is important in order to fight off zombies.

April’s dress will be classic white – but decidedly marred as if she has had to fight off zombies on her way to the altar.  The train was shredded, the hemline of the skirt tattered and uneven and stained with coffee grounds to give the effect of having trailed through the mud.

The wedding’s overall décor will be constructed from found or repurposed objects, such as burlap and lace in a virtual homage to “The Walking Dead” series’ premise that centers on the survivors of a Zombie Apocalypse

Since the television show has a scrounge theme, there is a scrounge theme to this wedding as well. “We’ll pull it together so it’s tasteful and classy but still fits with the theme,” Davis said.

The wedding reception will feature a wedding cake that is likely to be adorned with blood-red frosting. Children who are in attendance will be given bags of candy before they go trick-or-treating that evening.

For this Halloween wedding, guests are encouraged to dress in costume, but it isn’t a requirement. Guests are also asked to bring their “delicious brains”, along with them.

Planning a wedding should be a creative extension of who are. Whether you want to have a traditional or completely non-traditional wedding, it can take time and organization to make it all come together. Working with a wedding planner can help you create the kind of wedding you want.

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