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Fruit and Vegetable Bouquets Popular for Fall Weddings

Fall brides are finding that adding unexpected fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables to their bridal bouquets and venue décor adds freshness and a whole lot of dimension to their weddings.

Seasonal plants can set off floral arrangements in a riot of jewel tones that add a natural beauty.

According to Michael J. Skaff, owner of Skaff Floral Creations in Hinsdale, Illinois, “Fresh fruit and vegetables can add a whole different dimension of texture and color to floral arrangements and other décor throughout your wedding venue.

To put a garden-fresh feel on your event, consider these inspirations:

Fall Fresh Bouquets

Fresh herbs such as parsley, sage and rosemary can give a really wonderful scent to bouquets, boutonnieres, and décor.  Skaff has used things such as baby eggplants, baby pomegranates and even Brussels sprouts and kale to a bouquet to give them their fall fresh flair. He suggests, however, to go small. You want it to be interesting but not overwhelming.

Stunning Fresh Wedding Decor   

Skaff suggests placing wreaths on the doors of the church or any other venue indoors or out of doors. Succulents can be added along with berries for the summer and acorns or similar fall fruits for autumn. Winter wedding décor walnuts, lemons, and limes can be used. “It’s up to your imagination and how much color and uniqueness you’re comfortable with, but there are no limits, Skaff said.

He also suggests that when putting together centerpieces, try to avoid uniformity and create variety by making each table different. This can be done, for example, by using different vegetables for each; pomegranates for some, Brussels sprouts or eggplants for others.

When decorating the cake, add fall foliage and blooms such as dahlias and berries such as raspberries and blackberries to give your wedding a feeling of fall abundance.

For more autumn fresh ideas, check out the rest of the article at the Sioux City Journal here.

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