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A Fairy Tale Wedding in Sweden

The one day that every bride wants to look her best is on her wedding day. For Swedish model and fashion influencer, Babba Canales., being pulled together and ready for her wedding this past summer.

Babba who wed Carl Waldekranz held their fairy tale wedding at Häringe Palace in Sweden where they took their vows in the estate’s apple orchard.

According to an article that appeared on the Coveteur website, the key, for Babba, was to give herself plenty of prep time beforehand. She was determined not to do a whole lot of trying new types of treatments because, she intimated, you are never sure how your skin is going to react.

“My only inspiration was a natural and glowy look.,” Babba said, “I wanted my makeup to feel like a more luxurious version of my everyday makeup—meaning keeping it very natural and low-key. My biggest nightmare was to show up at my own wedding looking like someone else!”

Being comfortable in her own skin was exactly what Babba wanted for herself on her big day. To help her in that endeavor, she chose to seek the help of makeup artist, Anna-Fia Nilsson from Scandinavian Cosmetics.  For Babba, Nilsson understood what her style was and worked around those things to create a truly personalized look. This young entrepreneur extraordinaire wanted not only to look good in her wedding photos but to be able to feel like herself and feel natural in her own skin during one of the most important days of her life.

Everything that Babba chose was to accentuate the natural yet with just a little glamour to highlight. For example, Babba chose to wear a nude-toned nail color and highlighted only the finger wear that would be wearing the wedding ring with just a touch of sparkle. The effect was one that draws the eye to the hand’s most important element without being too overpowering.

Weddings are emotional times and certainly there are bound to be tears of joy that can be shed. Babba recommends using waterproof mascara to brides who want to keep their best wedding day look forward. For her own wedding, she used Sensai’s waterproof mascara. Only warm water is needed to remove it easily and without the mess.

When Babba descended the staircase in her lace wedding gown by Marchesa, the effect was simply breathtaking. Was there anything that Babba would do differently with regard to her beauty routine? She says that she would have had perhaps a better plan for her skin post wedding and for her honeymoon with Carl.” I wound up using body sunscreen on my face,” Babba said. This choosing to go with only sunscreen ended up in small breakouts that were, as she put it, “definitely not ideal.”

So much goes into preparing for the big moment when you and your beloved walk down the aisle and exchange vows. Every aspect of that day can take many months of planning. Sometimes it can be simply overwhelming deciding on the venue, plan the reception as well as what you are going to wear and how you are going to look on that day. Working with a wedding planner like Geri Sims of Atlanta Wedding Décor is a great way to help put it all together and help you keep it all together.

Geri has had more than 25 years in the wedding industry and she specializes in creating a one-of-a-kind atmosphere for every wedding, reception or special event. Whether your tastes run traditional, contemporary, or you want to have an ethnic wedding or other type of special event, Geri can help. To make an appointment to go over your wedding plans, give her a call at 404-558-1300 today.


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