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Extravagant Indian Weddings are Back

Big, extravagant Indian weddings are back like never before. An Indian wedding is a major event that involves months of planning and going over every last detail.  It can mean an endless array of going to shops or browsing through magazines and websites. Each one having been filled with bridal saris, lenghas and ghararas that are covered in intricate brocades, hand embroidery, and lavishly encrusted with crystals, beads and sequins.

Lighter and More Comfortable

For 2016’s Indian brides want designs that are not just traditional looking but allow them to have a traditional wedding and yet be able to have fun and dance the night away. Of course she wants to look elegant for her wedding and reception, but she doesn’t want to be weighed down with all of the components that are a part of a traditional solah shringar.

Color Choices

In recent years, Indian wedding attire has gone into every hue including exquisite jewel tones including emerald greens and deep sapphire blue or even amethyst tones. More trendy brides went with lighter shades including champagne and light peach and pinks a few years ago, but the real story of color trends is all about deep, red.

Red is the color of traditional weddings and is considered the most auspicious color to wear for such an important life event. Red also has a way of making the wearer look both taller and more slender by giving her a longer silhouette.

Other wedding attire trends include both brides and grooms taking great pride in embracing their culture and choosing hand loomed fabrics. Few fabrics, however, reflect a sense of Indiannesss than the rich brocades that harken back to the luxury India’s nobility. Brocades that are often woven with silver and gold fabrics and have a metallic glow are known as kinkhaab. It’s the kinkhaab that gives brocade a sheen and depth that can be pure opulence.

Jewelry & Adornment

Even if a bride opts for a lighter, more comfortable style when choosing her wedding lengha, the same can’t be said of jewelry. Also a part of the traditional solah shringar, the nath or large nose ring is the jewelry accessory that has come back into favor with Indian brides. Also returning on the scene, according to wedding experts, are the nath or large nose ring as well as the tika to match the traditional necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry that are a part of an Indian bride’s wedding ensemble.

India has a rich history of culture and tradition. Those traditions make up in large part who Indians consider themselves to be. If you are wanting to create a traditional weddin, Geri Sims has decades of experience in wedding planning and décor and can help you to plan your Indian or other types of ethnic weddings

We can create a traditional mandap area that is strewn with pillows and with divans among dramatically draped fabrics to create both drama and elegance.

Contact Geri Simms at Atlanta Wedding Décor to discuss your wedding plans. Geri can help you to make your Indian wedding a reality. She specializes in wedding drapery and lighting effects to create a wonderland that is all your own.  Call Geri today at 404-558-1300 in order to schedule an appointment.


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