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Ethnic Weddings meet Pinterest Desires

Is the ethnic wedding going out of style in the age of Pinterest? That’s what an article in the Washington Post is suggesting. Ethnic weddings are steeped in tradition and ritual, but many brides are deciding on ditching some of the old rituals and trying something new based on what they find on the popular photo sharing site. This has put some wedding planners into odd situations as they try to balance the old world versus the new world.

Just finding a venue that can host a traditional ethnic wedding can be a real challenge. They are often far more expensive than typical weddings, sometimes up to ten times the expense. Depending on the tradition, there may be fire, traditional rituals and games, huge guest lists, complicated dishes, and revelry that lasts all the way to the next morning. Some brides are rejecting some or even all of these in favor of doing things their way.

Having a skilled wedding planner on your side can help you bridge the gap of your dream wedding with the desires and needs of your family and culture. Let Geri Sims help you do just this. Geri and her company have helped out with many ethnic weddings, even fusion weddings between two different cultures. For more information or to see some of our past ethnic wedding events, take a look at our ethnic weddings page.


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