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EMT Bride Handles Accident VERY Well

One thing that many brides and not a few grooms fear is some big emergency that can ruin the big day. Months of preparation go into making sure that one special day has nothing go wrong. Of course we can’t prevent everything bad from ever happening, but our response to it if it does can really show our character.

One bride, a EMT, showed her character when part of her wedding party got into an accident on the way to the reception. Her father and her grandparents were part of the accident. The groom got the call and the bride insisted on going over to help.
By the time they reached the accident, paramedics were already on the scene assisting her grandmother. She received injuries from the seat belt and airbag, but nothing life-threatening. Her grandmother apologized profusely for causing trouble but the bride said she did no such thing.

As she was walking back to her car, framed by the emergency vehicles, someone snapped a photo. That photo made its way to the Montgomery County government’s Facebook page along with a positive message.

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