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Wedding Expenses as an Employee Perk?

Today, companies have come to the realization that in order to attract top talent, they have to be willing to offer employees something that isn’t being offered elsewhere.

Some companies offer incentives to help employees to pay off college debt, paid travel expenses and for nannies and other family-friendly perks.  One company, according to a recent article that appeared in the Daily Herald, even reported on one company offering to rent a new Tesla 3s for every employee as soon as they were on the market!

Recently the CEO of e-commerce start-up, Boxed Wholesale, Chieh Huang, announced that his company would assist all employees paying for their weddings after he became aware of the financial needs of one of his employees.

It all started when Huang heard that the employee was trying to afford his wedding in time for his mother, who was gravely ill, to attend his wedding.  He resolved to pay for the wedding of the employee.  After doing so, Huang then extended the unprecedented benefit to his employee of an up to $20,000 reimbursement for wedding costs.  What an incredibly thoughtful gift to get from a boss!

Most of us find it hard to imagine that our employer would help to pay any portion of the cost of a wedding, and yet, such incentives are becoming more common because employers realize the value of finding good workers that are able to step into an ever-changing employment landscape.

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