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Educate yourself in Drape

From year to year there seems to be trends, different colors, or even event do’s and don’t that seem to change. I have found that most of my clients have their favorite colors, styles and event creative ideas they have been putting together in their heads for a while. It takes a good listener to put all of this together and make it come to life.

Within the event industry I have to work directly with first time clients. Drape is fairly a new category that needs some explanation but once you understand it, your room can become magical within any budget.

Is it possible for you to hang your own drape or chandeliers for your own event to save money?
Yes, anyone can hang fabric or even a chandelier, BUT there are definitely reasons to hire a company to do it for you.
– Your time is valuable as it gets closer to the time of your event and the window for set up in limited as well as making sure it is done correctly.
– The hardware it takes to set up for these events can be expensive, hard to find, not so easy to use and knowing how much you will need can be difficult.
– Our fabrics have to be fire retardant to be used in any public building. The fire marshal requires that we provide him with a certificate to show. Remember, the fire marshal can shut down your event on the spot if you do not have these papers. There are only a few companies that offer this type of fabric.
– Most of our props have been designed for the event industry. For example, an average chandelier can weigh up to 60 lb. Our event chandeliers weigh no more that 10 lb. , rigged to plug in with dimmers, and fold up flat for easy transportation.
– We offer up to 50 different colors and textures of approved fabrics. Sheer, poly, a type of satin, velour, and at time we have used rolls of thick white plastic in the ceiling or as a backdrop when working in large convention halls.
– Fabric can get expensive. Let’s say you buy 500 yards of fabric for your event… now you have to find a way to hang it. Most venues will not allow you to touch their walls or ceiling in order to hang fabric. Let’s say there is a place to hang the fabric and you spent hours installing it, which can look pretty good. The event is over. What do you do with cut up fabric you just spent hours installing and taking down? Now you have spent just as much money as you would have spent on leasing the same thing but now you have to store it and possible never use it again.
– The staff we have is trained on the equipment we have to use to install fabric in tall venues. We know how much time we have to install and stay within this time. We also carry $1M worth of insurance to cover anything that may go wrong. Most important, we do this every week and do it well. There is no room for mistakes. We have a small window of time to get it right.
REMRMBER… this event is the most important day of your life. Let the professional do their job and enjoy that day. It will come and go before you know it.
If you have ever experienced having children, you can say the same thing, but the difference is in years verses hours.

What do we offer?
– A simple to elaborate backdrops in most any color.
– Drape around the room from ceiling to floor or just accents of drape. Accents of drape would be for example a 10’ tall x 10’ wide, backdrop for a bar, buffet, wedding cake, gift table, food station, entrance or event drape in the corners of the room to soften the room.
– Ceiling drape and lighting along with most any prop that would be appropriate in a ceiling.
– Up lighting to turn a simple simple room into a true event
– White carpet stage kits – we offer other carpet colors as well. Orange, Red, Fuchsia Pink, Pink, Teal, Purple, Beige, Green, Yellow, Silver, Slate, Burgundy, American Flag Blue, Navy, Soft Blue. These kits consist of carpet for the stage, carpet steps, carpet aisle runner, and stage skirt.
– Tent design and draping. Most tent companies offer a liner kit but not all tent come with a fitted tent liner. Our liners are custom for the event. We also offer simple draping to accent the simple frame of a tent giving it character.
– Smaller hotel or boutique venue facelift. These venues could be a clubhouse, home, or smaller venues. I come into one of these venues and start the process of covering up unwanted doors or windows in a room with smaller backdrops, ceiling draping, beading as needed, accents of fabric or even cabana outside.
– ETHNIC WEDDING… Not just anyone can work with different ethnic communities. It takes a great deal of patience to understand their ways, respect for their culture and the ability to think outside the box when it comes to fusion weddings in trying to determine how to make both groups happy. Even when working around the holidays, we must be very creative in our thinking.


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