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Eastern and Western Wedding Styles Merging

There’s a trend that is gaining momentum with couples around the world. A recent article on NewsX.com talks about an intensified push between ease of Western wedding wear and the complexity of the more traditional styles of India.  The merging of cultures can create something new and beautiful on its own.

Sari lengha styles are now finding a home with wedding white and ivory. Some incorporate splashes of color in veils or Nehru hats festooned with beads and sequins designed to catch the eye and the light.

Kabir Mehra and Samarth Hegde from Herringbone & Sui, have created a custom menswear brand along with designer Priyanka Modi for the AM:PM label.  They suggest that for day weddings, men’s fusion wear are toward pastels that are subdued, bold and masculine florals and paisleys featuring intricate pitta and ari embroidery, giving a light-filled appearance. Another approach is to pair a bandi with a T-shirt or wearing jeans in place of pyjama trousers.

For evening, grooms can pull out all of the stops by donning a badhgala made from good 100% silk velvet. Over a pair of black-braided trousers creates and they will cut a stunning silhouette reminiscent of a tuxedo that has a decidedly Bharati flair.

For brides, the trend toward the fusion of Western and Indian influences has been clear. Some of it can be directly attributed to Bollywood, Other influences can be credited to our word which is becoming more increasingly integrated in terms of bridal and familial traditions. Traditional dresses paired with complex mehndi patterns on hands and feet. Jewelry suites with Jhumka earrings, bracelets, tika  and Khundan Pulki necklaces accentuate all white wedding dresses with pitta embroidery punctuated with red and gold beadwork.

No matter where in the world a wedding dress or grooms attire originates, originates, beautiful fabric and luxury fit right into wedding wardrobes.  It can also be seen reflected in the décor and every other aspect of this special life event.  Fabric draping, embroidery and splashes of color are intricately tied with the culture and identity of India.  Embroidery and fabrics that are unique to the culture along with beadwork, dying techniques and embroidery with metallic thread adorn lenghas, kurtas, and saris alike.

Planning a traditional wedding of any kind or a fusion of multiple cultures can also call for an intricate planning of every detail. Being organized is just part of the picture. You need to ensure that in creating an event that brings the elements most important to the people involved is the primary focus. Pride in one’s heritage and ancestors is now playing an ever-increasing role in the weddings of today.

For more than 20 years, Geri Sims and Atlanta Wedding Décor has been helping couples bring their unique wedding visions to life. Geri specializes in dramatic event drapery, uplighting and props to turn your wedding into a one-of-a-kind event that reflects who you are. Contact Geri today to schedule an appointment to discuss your wedding plans at 404-558-1300.


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