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Early Hints a Wedding Might Fail According to Wedding Planners

Of course when anyone is planning a wedding, they are caught up in the bliss and the promise of spending their life with the person that they love. According to a recent article appearing on the Huffington Post website, wedding planners and vendors that specialize in catering weddings can usually tell when a wedding is going to last and when it may be headed to divorce court in the near future.

Here are some of the signs that those wedding professionals have observed that may mean that a wedding might not end up being a happily ever after.

  1. The bride or groom is a complete control freak

The term ‘bridezilla’ gets thrown around quite a lot. Getting married is stressful and that kind of stress can bring out the worst in people. Spouses calling each other certain names or berating them publicly, however, is not ever acceptable behavior. If someone cannot talk to another person without being abusive or disrespectful, then, according to Jenny Orsini, owner and creative director of Jenny Orsini Events in Berkley Heights, New Jersey.

  1. The wedding matters more than the relationship

Randi Lusnic, CEO and principal planner at Randi Events in Nashville, Tennessee gets concerned when she sees people spending lots on a wedding but who are less than attentive to their upcoming marriage. “Ideally, the wedding planning process is extremely romantic and you should be able to feel the love emanating from the bride and groom,” she said, “But sometimes, we work with very young clients who seem to be unprepared for the enormous commitment of marriage and are, instead, thrilled to be hosting a big party.” For younger couples, their parents may be paying for it, or for older couples, a wedding may be a way to show everyone how successful they are. After the party is over, they have to face the fact that they need to make the relationship work.

  1. The infighting between the newlyweds and the family has already begun – particularly from the in-laws.

Liz Coppersmith of Silver Charm Events in Los Angeles, California recounts a time when she witnessed a mother-in law screaming while family pictures were being taken after the wedding. At another she saw a father-in-law ‘joke’ during the toast that the bride could have done better. “The truth is, early on, you have to stand up for your spouse and make it clear you’re always going to stand up for them. Some people don’t do that,” Coppersmith said. Such situations can end up getting much worse over time and can put stress on newlyweds who are just trying to learn how to live together.

There are plenty of other reasons that marriages can end up on the rocks. Among them is going into debt in order to have a wedding. Financial concerns can play a big role in how successful a marriage is or isn’t. Click here to read the rest of the article on the Huffington Post website.

A successful wedding can begin with the help of a professional wedding planner. They can help you to eliminate some of the stresses so that you can focus on what’s really important. A professional wedding planner can assist you in every aspect of your wedding planning or event so that you can relax – if even just a little bit!

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