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DIY Wedding Checklist Makes Planning Fun!

So you have decided to try to stretch your budged and are going to do most of your wedding yourself. DIY weddings are a great way to save money, put your own creativity into such a life-changing event and make sure that none your wedding plans are left to chance. Having a checklist for a DIY wedding is a little different than a check list you might use in other types of weddings. Knowing what to do when is as important – if not more so – for a DIY wedding.

Because your wedding event is not going to be anything like anyone else’s, it pays to make a list –or lots of them to keep everything straight. Having a notebook with those lists can help you to plan your very own perfect wedding.

At this page you can find a very handy checklist for what needs to happen to make your DIY wedding go off without a hitch. Planning a wedding should be exciting and fun. Whether you want someone to take a load off your shoulders and plan most of your wedding for you or if you decide to do it yourself, call Geri Simms at Atlanta Wedding Décor.

We can turn your wedding dreams into reality. We specialize in wedding drapery and event planning that will turn your wedding into something special and definitely one of a kind. Contact Geri today to schedule an appointment.






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