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Ditching the Guestbook for the Wedding

Today, weddings are becoming more personalized to the couples who are tying the knot. Along with that personalization, more and more couples are ditching the conventional guest sign in book and pen for less conventional items to sign with different kinds of pens.

According to a recent article in the Seattle Times, for Alexis and John Roulette guests signed a 7-foot-long surfboard in silver Sharpie on their wedding day in Huntington Beach. Now that surfboard hangs above their living room couch.

Other more personalized items can include globes or vintage typewriters to type out personalized messages to the happy couple. Other couples who enjoy skiing could have their guests sign a pair of vintage skis. If they are more aquatic, they could sign an oar or even a buoy. Two aviation enthusiasts got married in a hangar and had their guests sign a propeller.

According to Darcy Miller, editor at large of Martha Stewart Weddings, making use of items alternative to guest books can become “a keepsake of something that’s personal to you, but made that much more personal because it’s been touched and signed by people you love.”

Planning a wedding should be exciting and fun and making it personal to you and the person you have chosen to marry is important.

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