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Desi Weddings Continue To Evolve

It’s a tradition. Desi weddings are all about doing things big and beautiful. Overstatement and opulence are the orders of the day and in a recent article that appeared in the Times of India, Nona Walia reports that some of the hottest trends in Indian weddings have some unexpected twists alongside all of the things you might expect to see at a traditional affair.

The most prominent underlying thread running through many Desi weddings today is greenery. Whether actual flower arrangements or by simply incorporating green color palettes in table runners, center pieces, or to decorate cakes, this color in addition to either neutral colors is extremely popular.  Add to this country or farm touches that are popular at other weddings such as chalkboard signs, picnic tables, or embellished mason or jelly jars used as lighting elements are making an appearance.  According to wedding design consultant, Sabah Sheikh, “Unconventional settings like picnic tables, gingham cloth, rustic low seating, and dream-catchers are big trends,” she said.

Also popular for today’s Desi weddings are colors from a more Moroccan palette. Among them are deep purples, oranges, pinks, corals, magentas and other intense jewel tones.

Making a Big Entry

Ajay Modgil, CEO of a wedding planning firm insists that today’s couples wanting a traditional Indian wedding want to create dramatic décor, particularly at the entrance to the event. Entrances are becoming bigger and grander and are made to impress wedding guests in a big way. “With people moving away from stereotypical venues for rare locations, the decor has to have a once-in-a-lifetime feel,” Modgil said.

Creating a Feeling of Fantasy

In large halls and in outdoor venues alike, couples are opting to create a sense of fantasy with hanging accents. Among these are lanterns, macramé accents or dream catchers as well as swags of flowers and greenery or even swings that are decorated specifically for the event. Sonali Thakore, owner of a wedding design company, insists that such hanging décor elements creates a sense of grandeur and lushness as well as an overall impress of romance that can often be found in a garden. Setting aside lounge areas where guests can remove themselves from the more hectic aspects of the wedding reception can offer a chance to relax or enjoy a cup of coffee or other refreshments.

Other Touches

For the last several years, photo booths have been extremely popular at Desi weddings. New takeoffs on this theme give guests the ability to create slow motion video footage or animated GIFS that are able to be uploaded and shared on the Internet’s most popular social media sites. Many of today’s phone apps offer ways to alter photos to make them fun and entertaining. These can be instantly uploaded sites such as Instagram, Twitter, or on Facebook to share with family and friends.

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