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Da Vinci Once Planned a Wedding!

Of all of the things that mastermind, Leonardo da Vinci was, one of the most unlikely titles among his having been an inventor and master artist was that of a wedding planner.

At a recent event held at Las Vegas’ Venetian, one of the world’s greatest minds was the subject of an elaborate exhibition being held to honor Da Vinci.

Among the titles of this preeminent Renaissance man, it seems that the title of wedding planner might be a bit unusual.  But as the stepson of a pastry chef, it seemed a natural progression that from the years 1489 to 1493, he was a planner of weddings.

Before that, however, Leonardo did a brief stint in the restaurant industry.  Inside his famous notebooks are included inventions for the kitchen such as horse powered nutcrackers and a giant wire whisk the size of a giraffe.   Leonardo took his expertise and flair to become “Master of Feasts & Banquets – or in other words, a wedding planner.

In 1489 Leonardo planned every aspect of the wedding between the Duke Giovanni Galeazzo and Isabella of Aragon – all the way from the impressive ceremonial inclusion of a representation of revolving planets and their representative deities to the entertainment.

Other prominent weddings that Leonardo planned were 1489 for the Duke of Milan where he not only oversaw what was on the menu but also the entertainment, the decorations and even what guests would wear to the event.  Another Renaissance wedding that Leonardo had a direct hand in was that of  Ludovico Sforza and the princess Beatrice d’Este.

Leonardo was assigned by Sforza to create an altar, chairs and other accoutrements that were completely edible.  It took two tries, but it seems even the most prominent Renaissance families had no problem postponing their wedding until Leonardo had time to make their special day just right.

You can read more about the career of Leonardo as a wedding planner and the exhibit at atlasobscura.com.

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