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Cutting Costs at your Wedding

It’s no secret that it can cost a considerable amount of money to have a wedding. A great deal of this cost, however, depends on the choices that young couples make in planning their big day. To keep wedding expenses going too far awry, young couples are finding ways to cut costs without sacrificing too much of their wedding dreams.

Consider trimming the guest list

One of the largest areas of wedding cost can be found in the guest list. Invitations save the date cards, as well as gift bags and wedding guests can make for costs that quickly add up. Many couples are surprised at the cost per person when wedding meals, drinks and other items are all totaled up. Cutting down the number of guests to those who mean the most to the couple is a good way to save money without causing too much discomfort.

Planning the Reception

The wedding reception is another part of the wedding which can mean more in terms of cost. Planning a morning wedding can shift receptions to afternoon hours which tend to be considerably less expensive than receptions that are held in the evening. Afternoon receptions can be alcohol free. However, if hosting an evening reception is an absolute must, then consider having a cash bar with free beer and wine and guests paying for their own mixed drinks or other liquor on their own. Weddings that are planned by the family and alcohol purchased at a box store can also be a less expensive option for cost-conscious couples.

Reception meals can also become less expensive if you have it catered. Meal packages often will vary in price but are not so varied in terms of fare being offered. Go for the less expensive option if menu items are similar.
Floral Arrangements & Bouquets

Nearly every wedding has flowers and with careful planning, even the cost of floral arrangements can be made more affordable. Working with a florist and let them know what your budget is. They can offer professional advice and ideas of what flowers are local and in season rather than opting for more exotic and therefore more expensive ones for making bouquets, boutonnières and other floral arrangements.

Gift Bags

There are ways that the customary gift bags for guests can be given without spending too much for those staying in hotels. Gift bags can include inexpensive items such as a snack, a bottle of water or even homemade gifts made by yourself or family who are crafty.

There are many ways for couples who are resourceful to cut the cost of their weddings – from sewing their own wedding gowns to opting for a DJ rather than hiring a live band. All it takes is just a bit of creativity. If you are doing a wedding on a budget, you can still have an event that is both magical and memorable. Contact Geri Simms at Atlanta Wedding Décor today. Geri specializes in wedding and event drapery that can turn your wedding into something special, even on a budget. Call us today to schedule an appointment to discuss all of the options for your wedding or special event.


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