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Cupcakes Popular in Georgia Weddings

If you’re planning on getting married, you know that weddings are all about personalization. It seems just about every bride is choosing to change some of the traditions of the past into something that works now.

Much of this involves making the seemingly simple things or even ordinary things into something extraordinary.  Bakers are finding that in lieu of the traditional three-tiered wedding cake, couples are opting for portion-sized desserts in the form of cupcakes, cookies, tarts and other confections that allow for individualized tastes.

In a recent article that appeared on MDJOnline, according to Mamie Doyle, owner and head baker for Miss Mamie’s in Marietta, Georgia, more and more couples are requesting tiers of cupcakes and other dessert delicacies for guests while providing a smaller cake for the bride and groom to continue the tradition of “cutting cake” together.

This particular option allows couples getting married to avoid paying any “cutting fees”, which can run as much as $5 a slice for each guest when serving up traditional wedding cakes.

“People get more variety with the mini desserts and we’ve done all kinds of desserts,” Doyle said. She said that having a variety of desserts is popular because not everyone likes the same things and tastes can vary. “They can try more than one flavor without eating too much,” she said.

Right now, Miss Mamie’s most popular flavor of cupcakes was the 2016 winner of the Cooking Channel’s show, Cake Hunters. This cupcake has the unusual combination of Guinness and chocolate with cream cheese and salted caramel and was created for a bride and groom’s combined tastes that they wanted to combine for their wedding day.

Browsing through social media on sites such as Pinterest, for example, brides-to-be can see varieties of cupcakes that have been dressed up and garnished with weddings in mind. Everything from S’mores cupcakes boasting chocolate, marshmallows and topped with a sliver of graham cracker, to elaborate icing roses, lace patterns made of buttercream frosting carefully piped over dark chocolate cupcakes and many other possibilities can be seen.  Everything depends on the tastes of the couple and their guests. Most couples opt for the most variety of tasty treats possible.

Of course, you and your beloved want to make your big day truly something that the both of you. Having cupcakes and a variety of other dessert choices seems to be one way to help everyone have a great time on your big day.

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