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Creating Photography Effects for Wedding Rings with Simple Items

When couples choose to get married, they want plenty of photographs. Some of the most popular photographs are close-up or detail shots of the couple’s wedding rings. Photographers are always looking for new and interesting backdrops for these photos along with ways to capture details in a creative and interesting way.

In a recent article  and video featured on Fstoppers.com, Greg Moment, founder and member of Magic Lens Group, offers a number of ways to create incredible shots of wedding rings with a camera.  By simply using household objects such as dinner forks, hairbrushes, coins and shoehorns all illuminated by simple lighting or a household lighter and water from a spray bottle to create a number of amazing visual effects.

Greg Moment is not stingy with his photographic advice, either.  He offers technical advice on creating each shot by offering shutter speeds, apertures and white balance and the number of shots per second.  On top of that, he demonstrates how he did it as well. The end results are stunning photographs, yet creating the shots is very simple to implement and to master.

Every couple wants the biggest day of their lives to be picture perfect. Such a life-changing event should reflect who each person really is and what’s important to them.   To do that takes a special kind of awareness and an attention to detail.

Those are the kinds of things that Geri Sims of Atlanta Wedding Décor completely understands.   Geri had been helping couples plan their wedding ceremonies and receptions as well as all kinds of special events of every kind in the in the Atlanta area.  She has the expertise and know-how to make your special day reflect who you are.  She can be there to help you with your wedding plans as well.

Whether your wedding is traditional, ethnic, quirky or something else in between, or if you planning a convention event, or party, Geri can help you pull it all together.  Geri expertly makes use of dramatic fabric draping, lighting and props to turn your event into a magical fantasy.   Contact Geri today to schedule an appointment at 404-558-1300.


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