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Crazy Wedding Shower Stories

Knowing what is traditionally correct and what is a harmless social faux pas can be a challenge for any bride to be. In a recent article that appeared in the Boston Globe, a woman found herself being taken advantage of by acquaintance whom she referred to as “Rhoda”.

Rhoda informed the future groom that the party being planned by his parents was done inappropriately because they had booked an area restaurant for the event and that the bride would have much preferred it to be held in a private home. The groom, after talking to his mother, conceded to let the shower be held in Rhoda’s home complete with invitations. But when the guests arrived for the woman’s wedding, they discovered they were actually attending Rhoda’s shower!

Through a series of manipulations and taking advantage on the part of one bride-to-be on another, the two couples are no longer on speaking terms.

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