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Couples Mark the Anniversary of Back To The Future II with Weddings

If you’ve been paying attention to the geeky side of the Internet over the past week, you know that the 30th anniversary of Back To The Future II has just passed. Yesterday was the day that Marty McFly went to the future in that movie and people have been marking the date in different ways. Including getting married!

A Virginia couple planned for a long time to have a wedding on that exact date. In fact, one member of the couple made a childhood promise to himself that he would get married on that date. As part of the wedding décor, they had a copy of the famous Delorean time machine as well as a signed screenplay on display. No word on whether it was the vehicle they departed the wedding with, but they did perform their vows at exactly the time Doc Brown and Marty made their journey to the future, 4:29 PM.

They weren’t the only couple to have a wedding to commemorate the occasion. A couple in the UK did the same thing and had hoverboards for the guests to ride on as part of the photo shoot.

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