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Couple Holds Wedding on Valentine’s Day

Michael Boggs and Catherine “Cate” King had not initially planned to set the date of their wedding on Valentine’s Day. “We didn’t want to be super corny,”Cate said.

But after a lot of consideration and planning, the couple decided that Valentine’s Day would be appropriate because they did consider it to be their third anniversary.

A stroke of fate, however, would have the venue that they planned to host their wedding reception closing even after they had sent out their “Save the Date” cards, contacted a photographer and videographer and made all of the other arrangements. The closure of the Towne House where they had originally planned events was closing at the end of 2015.

Such a derailment of plans was devastating. But King and Boggs were determined to find another venue for their reception. Finally they settled on holding their reception in the ballroom being run by Capozzoli Catering, housed within the 217-year-old Lazaretto building on the Delaware River. It was the same building that served as a quarantine station for immigrants arriving in the United States via the river in the years 1801 to 1895.

“We were shocked when the owners called us and said they heard what had happened to us, and that they wanted to ‘put a smile on our faces,’” said Boggs. “We will be forever grateful that we came in to meet with them.”

The Georgian architecture and scenic waterfront location was ideal and was available on Valentine’s Day.

The couple planned every aspect of their wedding together from the start. Whether it was planning meetings, putting together a guest list of who to invite or picking out songs and other details, the two of them clearly shared aspect of the wedding planning together. Their honeymoon plans are still coming together, but Cate and Michael are planning a retreat to the Pocono Mountains after they exchange their wedding vows.

The couple decided upon sharing their big day with 128 guests at their wedding. While the wedding points toward romance, you won’t find hearts, flowers or cupids here. Cate and Michael decided on having four groomsmen and four bridal attendants for their wedding party. Both the party for the bride and the groom will be dressed in black and have pink flowers in hand with occasional splashes of red and pink to be seen on the backdrop of the ivory and white wedding décor.

“Coming into each other’s lives was the greatest thing that ever happened to us,” said Boggs. “We simply can’t wait to be husband and wife, and continue through life’s wonderful journey, hand-in-hand.”

No matter what day on the calendar you choose to make your very special day, whether it is a known holiday or making a day that is yours alone, setting the scene and the tone for your wedding means taking every aspect into account. For a bride (and groom!) this process can take months or even years to get everything just the way that you want it.

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