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Cosplay Fabric at a Wedding Near You?

Sometimes the weddings we get to help cater get pretty geeky. When geeks come together in matrimony all the normal traditions may go flying out the window. That includes the wedding dress. Instead, the bride and groom may dress up in something completely different.

Dressing up in costumes for conventions is called cosplay and it’s getting more mainstream. So much so that Jo-Ann Fabrics is going to be carrying a new line of fabric from Cosplay Fabrics specifically for this purpose. Anything a superpowered person would wear is getting carried, including strange fabrics like four-way stretch spandex and foil covered fabrics.

They will also be carrying a variety of brocades and heavier fabrics for Victorian and steampunk costumes. By putting these types of fabrics into the physical reach of costumers, they won’t have to rely on ordering online and hoping for the best.

So if you want that Wonder Woman wedding you’ve dreamed of since you were 9, now you’ll soon be able to get the white-stars/blue background dress of your dreams. If you’d like us to help you color-coordinate your venue, contact Geri Sims at Atlanta Wedding Decor. We specialize in drapery decorations for your venue space. Take a look at our portfolio on our website.


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