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Cool Non-Traditional Wedding Example Involves Trampolines

The sky’s the limit when it comes to putting together the kind of wedding you’ve been dreaming of. No matter how you define a non-traditional wedding, the touches you add can make it truly your own!

A recent article featured on Telegram.com just how Worcester, Massachusetts couple, Katherine and Andy Butterfield celebrated their own non-traditional nuptials on a ranch deep in the Rocky Mountain State of Colorado.

Katherine never wanted a fussy ceremony or to celebrate in a big ballroom afterward, this low-heeled and casual wedding took advantage of the element of timing. Since everyone in the family was already there for a family reunion, it seemed ideal. Katherine’s dad helped with the planning of an event that featured the groom and guests dressed in cowboy boots with tables decorated with wild flowers in mason jars.

The venue was just the place to celebrate and unwind. Katherine, Andy and their young daughter, Reese, made their “I do’s” complete by celebrating on the trampolines afterward with family and friends.

Of course getting married unconventionally doesn’t mean ditching tradition in every sense. Ben and Malinda Lesko took the idea of tying the knot quite literally when the officiant tied their hands together with a red ribbon in a traditional Celtic handfasting ceremony. The bride, Malinda, waxed poetic about the scene. “We literally wanted to be ‘encircled’ by those who loved us, and that’s what handfasting did.”

The well-planned affair took place in Deerfield and took on a truly unique and decidedly vintage tone. The couple created invitations that were tri-folded in a similar fashion to vintage postcards. The Prohibition era theme featured Melinda wearing an off white dress with touches of lavender and gray that looked like it was straight out of the 1930’s. Malinda made her own beaded headdress herself and in the ceremony held in a newly mowed field, everything seemed to shine in the light of the season.

Rather than a traditional bridal registry, the Lesko’s wanted to let their family and friends’ creative talents shine. For family and friends who might not have been able to afford a traditional gift, the bride and groom were happy to accept help around their home instead.

Planning a wedding means you get to do things your way. Your event can include all of the things that are important and matter to you. That’s the kind of effort that can take a great deal of planning and be a massive undertaking before it all comes together.

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