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Considering Centerpieces


Weddings are often fraught with details both major and minor and every bride imagines the perfect wedding. When it comes to wedding décor, coordinating all of the different elements is often time consuming. With so many details to consider, even the minor decisions can be tough ones to make.

The centerpiece for the tables at the reception is one of the important details to consider. Whether you have a theme in mind or just want something to pull everything together, the centerpiece is something that needs consideration. Most couples use floral arrangements as centerpieces, but there are a wide variety of other options available.

Candles are one inexpensive replacement option for flowers. Candles are inexpensive and can be used to cast light and shadow in the room, giving an appropriate ambiance for the reception. Using mirrors or silver serving platters will reflect the light in order to disperse it more.

If candles are not your choice, consider fruit as a centerpiece instead. Fruit can be arranged in baskets or in clear vases and provide a pop of color to your tables. Afterwards, you and your guests can take the fruit home to consume it to cut down on waste.

Another idea for centerpieces is to fill clear containers such as vases or bowls with shiny baubles such as rocks, crystals, or beads and place them at the center of the table. Adding some candle light to this idea can amp up the design.

There are many ideas that can be used to set the look for your wedding reception. Pick something that appeals to you and run with it.

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