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Company Makes Guitars out of Linen

At Atlanta Wedding Decor, we like to use cloth and drapes to turn ordinary spaces into wedding venues you’ll remember forever. Cloth is our main medium, but cloth can be used for much more than clothing and beautifying spaces. One company has figured out how to turn linen, a cloth fiber, into guitars.

Blackbird, located in California, has developed a new composite material that uses linen fiber to make ukuleles and guitars. Linen is a very stiff fiber that has been used for clothing for centuries but has fallen out of favor to cotton and synthetic fibers. For ten years they researched how to turn linen fiber into a material that can be used for instruments. They managed to find a process and developed Ekoa.

Why make an instrument out of cloth? The best instruments in the world are made with woods that are endangered or are already extinct. Blackbird wanted to find a material that would match the qualities of these older woods but would be sustainable. If the reviews of the Blackbird’s two instruments are any indication, they have found a material that works.

To learn more about Ekoa, Blackbird, and the instruments they make, check out the full article linked above. If you want to learn about how we can use cloth to make your wedding magical, give Geri Sims at Atlanta Wedding Decor a call.


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