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Coming Up With Creative Ways to Pay for a Wedding

Weddings can be expensive. And the high cost of two people getting married according to the Wall Street Journal and a recent survey conducted by the Knot in the U.S. now tops $$32,641 on average.

That can leave couples wondering just how they can afford a wedding and pay for life’s necessities such as food, rent and paying down student debt.

In a recent article in Glamour Magazine, Jessica Militare and her husband-to-be, Séamus, were wondering how they could have a wedding celebration to include family and friends and still be able to make it.  Even though they had managed to save a couple hundred dollars from each paycheck and it did add up to thousands, it just wasn’t enough to pull it off.

Thankfully, Militare’s grandfather had left her a small sum of money for when she turned 25, which helped a great deal.  However, even though both sets of parents contributed as much as they could and any funds that had been sent prior to the big day got put into the wedding fund, Jessica and Séamus still came up short.  Still set on having a wedding, the two  held their breath and placed a number of items on plastic  including the cake the dress, the flowers and the venue.  With the prospect of facing a high rate of interest, the couple went through more than a little bit of anxiety.

One solution that the Militare’s came up with to pay that down was to sign up for a honeymoon registry asking wedding guests to chip in to pay for an exotic trip through South America. Instead of going for their adventure along the Amazon, they opted to pay down the credit card debt. They are still paying it off but it isn’t as bad as it could have been.

Other couples have come up with creative ways to do it such as crowd funding a GoFundMe page at the insistence of a friend and even surpassed their modest $10,000 goal. Others have done as much as they possibly could themselves, opting to find decorations in thrift stores and having family and friends put other wedding elements together such as cakes, invitations and place cards or having a friend or relative who was handy with a needle and thread put together the wedding dress.

A wedding is an important life passage ceremony for many couples. It is a special day to gather family and friends and marks the moment when two people begin their new lives together. Even when going for chic and simple and with lots of assistance of every type, the costs can mount up. That is why working with an experienced wedding planner is so essential.

At Atlanta Wedding Décor, we understand how important your wedding or other special event is to you. You want everything to be unique and to come off perfectly. Geri Sims has more than 20 years of experience working with couples with every size wedding budget.  Through the use of sheer fabric, uplighting and accessories she can help you to create the perfect scene for your event. Contact Geri today to go over your wedding plans at (404) 558-1300.


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