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Colorful Wedding Dresses Growing Popular

Many of today’s brides are considering getting away from the pure white or ivory wedding gown in favor of more colorful options. Ombré dyed gowns have been making their debut on the runway and all over picture pinning websites such as Pinterest. The dip-dye technique seems to be everywhere including the fashion runway and the pink wedding gown of singer Gwen Stefani.

One California artist made a trend of her own wearing a second hand that she customized by dying it to match her pink, blue and purple ombré hair. The artist and bride, Taylor Ann, 24, wanted to make the hem of her dress resemble the colors of a sunset in the wood by utilizing a palette of burnt oranges, reds, and deep purples in succession and used the same color theme throughout her wedding colors.

Chronicling the entire process on her blog, Taylor Ann found the too-big gown at a discount store and chronicled its transformation on her blog. Her first airbrush attempts were met with trepidation and within the first few minutes, she thought she might have ruined her dress. Taylor Ann took a break of took a few days before gathering the courage to return to the project. After a lot of time and patience and three layers of airbrushed paint applied to each layer of fabric, she came out with just the right color gradient that she was after.

The splash of color of Taylor Ann’s dress held next to her side-braided hair and other wedding décor is truly reflective of her. Against the backdrop of Lake Arrowhead, the effect is nothing less than stunning.

Everyone should have a wedding that is truly reflective of who they are.  You spend a lot of time getting all of the elements just right. You want your event planning to have that same kind of attention to detail.  If you are planning a wedding, you want it to be memorable, special and unique to the two of you. Let Geri Sims of Atlanta Wedding Décor be the one to show you just how you can make your wedding or special event into something spectacular that’s made just for you.

Geri Sims has decades of experiences and specializes in wedding planning. By using dramatic drapery and lighting, she can help you to create something that will make your event truly memorable. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with Geri to discuss your wedding plans. You can reach us at (404) 558-1300.


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