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Bride throws “Friends” themed Bridal Shower

Not only weddings can be themed. Bridal showers can have a theme as well. When you work with a theme from pop culture, it can equal a whole lot of fun, too!

That’s what happened when Sana and her fiancé Taufik, who are both very much fans of the show “Friends.” The couple watches it together over FaceTime in order to help keep in touch in their long distance relationship. When Sana’s family and friends got together to throw her a bridal shower, they personalized it all with a “Friends” theme that she wanted.

In a recent ABC news interview, Michelle Naik, one of Sana’s closest friends, said, “She basically told us that she wanted a “Friends”-theme[d] shower, so [being] the good friends and family we are, we did as we were told.”

By all accounts, Sana was quite pleased with the results of her April 30th Shower.

Naik said that the bride’s sister created the sign for the show’s coffee shop, Central Perk, which is where most of the show’s episodes take place. There was also a guitar that had a small sign that said, ‘Phoebe will be back in 5….’

All of the menu items centered around the characters and the invitations sent out to guests were purple and yellow to match the door of the ‘Friends’ apartment.

While it took Naik a little more than a month to plan the shower and is herself an editor for a wedding magazine in Houston, she managed to pull it off beautifully.

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