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Bridesmaid Proposals are In!

Everyone can appreciate that a wedding is a special day for the bride and groom. It’s also a special occasion for those in the bridal party, too.  Getting them to stand beside you on your big day needs to be special and unique.

Everyone from Pinterest to Martha Stewart, Buzzfeed, and TheKnot.com are touting one of the newest trends among brides-to-be: Popping the question to your besties when asking them to be her bridesmaids.  The way to do it can be both fun and creative and can let them know just how special they are and how important their presence on such an important day truly is.

Making a bridesmaid proposal can be done in a variety of ways such as sending them a special, personalized card along with a box of pampering products or even a personalized bottle of wine.  Other brides have gotten truly creative by hosting a brunch for their bridesmaids followed by a trip to the salon for manicures and pedicures. Others pop the question with pearls, cupcakes or even personalized mugs.

If you are thinking about how to pop the question to your special friends, there are any number of creative ways and they don’t have to be complicated. You can commission help online at sites such as Etsy to help you make something if you aren’t crafty yourself. Other online sites offer treats that can be sent right to the door of your bridesmaids with your proposal.

According to Kirstie Freimuth, designer and owner of Bonhomie Design, “First came [creativity in] the marriage proposal, now brides want their wedding party to feel as special as they do.”

Making an extra effort, such as meeting with each member of your bridal party one on one in order to present them with a card and gift and then asking individual personally can go a long way toward getting them to say, “Yes.”

“Rather than just asking, go the extra mile to show it means so much to you that they are traveling all this way and taking time out for you.”

Every bride wants her wedding to be extraordinary and unique to her. Geri Sims of Atlanta Wedding Décor has over 25 years of experience in wedding and event decor to help each bride create the wedding of her dreams.

It doesn’t matter if what you want is simple or complex, a creative, ethnic or traditional wedding, Geri’s experience in using dramatic fabric draping, uplighting, lanterns, iridescent beading and other décor elements can make any space into a sophisticated venue that meets your needs.

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