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Blues and Greens Popular in Indian Wedding Saris

For couples who are planning an Indian wedding today, there are many trends that have changed mixed in with the traditions of the past. Gone is the heavy gold jewelry in favor of more modern styles. According to a recent article in India Today, rather than just taking to wearing traditional red and pink saris and wedding lenghas, today’s brides are opting for other colors including taupe and jewel tones of emerald, turquoise, and deep sapphire blue.

Even with all of the bustle and endless planning before their big wedding event, both brides and grooms are taking advantage of spa time and catering for the wedding party and guests is all about careful planning. Plans take many months to bring to fruition and the attention to detail for couples is as complex as it might have been for a Maharaja and Maharani of the past.

Today’s traditional Indian wedding is an opulent affair that is held in large, luxury hotels at world-class destinations. They have become events that have gotten more elaborate and turned into one-of-a kind affairs that are both traditional and contemporary all rolled into one.

Couples are looking to fabrics that are lighter and less fussy and they are looking to Bollywood and celebrities on the red carpet. Today there are scores of new modern cuts and silhouettes that are a mixture of the look of traditional wedding wear made of rich textiles that have become a standard for such events. Couples both want to have a stunning and traditional wedding look but without the need for excessive amounts of time spent on sari draping and adornment for the big day.

In terms of jewelry, Desi brides of today don’t simply want to wear hand-me-down wedding suites that their mothers or even their grandmothers might’ve worn. Instead, they want new designs complete enamel of pastel colors that weigh less but that still look fantastic as they celebrate with family and friends, laugh, socialize and dance the night away.

When planning your Indian wedding, whether you plan to go strictly traditional or contemporary or a combination of both styles, planning can take months. There is no doubt that you want your Indian wedding to be a spectacular event.  Each element takes a great deal of planning and experience to make it look effortless.  Why not go with a wedding planner who knows how to put together the perfect Indian wedding. Call Geri Sims of Atlanta Wedding Décor to help you plan your wedding.

At Atlanta Wedding Décor, we specialize in wedding and event planning and create spectacular atmospheres with drapery and lighting that is sheer magic. We can help you make your dreams of a traditional Indian wedding come true. Contact Geri to make an appointment and find out how we can help.


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