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Blending the Old with the New in Traditional Weddings

The adage that everything old is new again is becoming especially true when it comes to wedding themes and décor. Today, brides and grooms are putting together weddings that reflect who they are as individuals. In addition to vintage and old world sophistication there is the feel of items that are well used and well loved, giving an overall impression that repurposed items and shabby chic touches meet in a nouveau bohemian way that strives for comfort rather than perfection.

Couples from around the world are embracing this sense of style and sense of home of tradition. For Maltese graphic designer Ela Saliba, the look fits in perfectly with Maltese village life, where weddings can be set in traditional church settings or in outdoor venues where families and loved ones gather together just as they have for as long as anyone can remember. The ambiance that is created is romantic and fun.

“I was brought up surrounded by the Maltese village lifestyle, I was always fascinated by reused objects. Through my travels and design work, I was further inspired to learn ways to transform used props and furniture into beautiful repurposed objects,” Saliba said in a recent interview with the Malta Times.

The personal style that Saliba has created has morphed into her brand, Pina which is a collection of handmade gifts that were inspired by Maltese village life, ethnic designs and the natural world that surrounds villages around the country. Incorporating these elements and personalizing them gives each wedding Saliba helps plan its own unique feel by using items such as furniture , photographs and other items that have sentimental value that are incorporated for couples and their family to mutually share. .

For couples such as Kate and Sandro Scerri, they wanted to have a memorable day that brought together close family and friends but didn’t break their budget. Saliba enjoys working closely with couples to help them turn their wedding plans into a reality.

With weddings that make use of repurposed, shabby chic or bohemian elements is such as antique items borrowed from grandmother or found in an antique or vintage resale shop can be easily incorporated. Often color schemes can be made more flexible and new touches of color to make everything work in harmony.

For the Scerris, holding their wedding in a traditional Maltese farmhouse complete with rustic stone walls, casually overgrown garden and the profusion of wood and other rustic touches added to a cream colored created the perfect ambiance or their wedding.

No matter what kind of theme you have in mind for your wedding, whether you want a traditional affair or want to design every aspect of your big day, having a wedding planner can help you put together a one of a kind event. Whether you are going for sophisticated chic something more homey and comfortable, contact Geri Simms at Atlanta Wedding Décor. Geri has years of experience in helping couples and organizations to plan their wedding or special event for years. Contact us today to schedule a free appointment with Geri to discuss your wedding or special event plans.




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