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Baby’s Breath is Booming

When it comes to floral decorations for weddings, there is an infinite variety of colors and palettes to choose from. Right now, according to a recent article that appeared in Elle magazine,  one flower has become the next standout.

Baby’s breath, not too long ago, was considered an accent flower that is added merely to highlight bridal bouquets, corsages, swags table centerpieces and other wedding floral arrangements. Today, all that’s changed. Baby’s breath is now the new go-to choice for floral arrangements for weddings and other special events. It’s even found its way onto the red carpet as a soft, understated fashion accessory. Brides are going to their wedding planners and florists and looking to incorporate baby’s breath as the main flower and using other flowers such as lavender, roses, and myrtle as accents instead.

The reason for baby’s breath’s newfound appeal?  According to the Elle article, and as brides-to-be who peruse Pinterest for wedding ideas, baby’s breath is becoming tres’ chic because of it’s incredible versatility, clean appearance and for it being relatively inexpensive.

Wedding uses for baby’s breath is only limited by the scope of the imagination and the pure white, clean lines can be arranged any number of ways from being stylized into wreaths, swags and fashioned around lighting to lend an air of pure fantasy.

At a very recent Bridal Fashion Week fashion show, Rodarte’s collection for autumn and winter had models adorned with flower crowns and boas fashioned from baby’s breath.

For brides who want an elegant classic look of white, no matter what season their wedding day is set, baby’s breath offers myriad looks to suit the mood and décor. Some brides have incorporated bundles of this tiny flower into wedding arches or paired it with spikes of freshly harvested lavender to decorate chairs at the wedding reception. A bouquet of baby’s breath placed inside of a vintage blue graniteware, mason jars or simple terracotta flower pots as table decorations make a soft statement of romance in a homespun country wedding reception.

Of course, every bride wants her wedding day to be special. Geri Sims of Atlanta Wedding Décor has over 25 years of experience in wedding and event decor to help each bride create the wedding of her dreams.

No matter what your tastes are or your budget is, or if what you want is simple or complex, creative, or even an ethnic or traditional wedding, Geri Sims can help make your wedding dreams to come true.  Geri has been creating one-of-a-kind wedding and special event atmospheres by using dramatic fabric draping, event lighting, lanterns, iridescent beading, props and other décor elements to create a breathtaking display. She can transform any space into the atmosphere you most desire.

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