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Ancient Barn Converted to Wedding Space

The homespun, country wedding trend has taken American couples by storm. Along with homemade invitations made by hands, brides are opting for a relaxed, low heeled look that would have looked completely normal 50 – 100 years ago is enjoying a real resurgence in popularity today.

One small town business in Kansas business has taken note of the trend.  Just outside of the little town of Pretty Prairie, Dan and Brenda Pace have undertaken  a project to renovate an old barn and turn it into a wedding venue.

Collingwood Barn recently held its grand opening in July and bridal events have been booked well into the fall.

The rest of the town is hoping that the Pace’s new venture will also send some of the bridal traffic toward other businesses such as a local bakery and other small businesses in nearby towns.

Collingwood Barn was built in 1913 by John Martin “Mart” Collingwood, the grandson of Mary Collingwood, who founded the town of Pretty Prairie.  The Collingwood founder raised Percheron draft horses and other livestock on a sprawling 3,860 acres that surrounded the barn’s structure.  The workhorses were used as power to farm the fields.

The Collingwood Barn took three years to construct the Maltese cross-shaped building that features 40 x 40-foot wings that extend from a center that is also 40 feet.   The original structure offers more than 16,000 square feet of space.  The latest additions to the structure made by the Pace family has increased that impressive amount of space even more.

Collingwood Barn was purchased in 1986 by the Paces and served as a barn until 2010 when they were approached by a bride who wanted to be married in a barn. At first, the Paces said no, but with the help of family, friends, and neighbors, the barn was cleaned up and the wedding was held.

Literally, with a new light shining on their barn, the Paces began to see the potential of the barn as a venue not only for weddings but other community events.

Even when a high wind in the spring of 2015 winds threatened to destroy the family’s vision, the Pace family were determined. With the help of a contractor who said he could repair the barn when others insisted that they couldn’t, the barn was refurbished and restored.

With a new west wing to the structure, the Collingwood Barn is helping couples to begin their lives together in the idyllically named Kansas town of Pretty Prairie.

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